Heavy Duty Truck Towing Near Lansing

Semis, Heavy Equipment, Road Trucks

From 4 wheels to 64, American Towing has the equipment to get your big rig out of trouble and back on the road. Our fleet includes super duty tow trucks that can handle any truck on the road. Only experienced drivers will arrive for any heavy duty or semi truck tow. It is sad but true many younger inexperienced tow truck drivers are being utilized to handle heavy duty tows.

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We use direct line powered cables from our recovery vehicles, reducing jump times.


We love to see your face after we pop the door open and get you back in your car.

Gas Service

It happens - In the United States around 800,000 drivers per year will run out of gas.

Flat Tires

Let American Towing change your flat tire while you stay out of harm's way.

“I had been waiting hours for another towing service to come out - so I called American Towing and they were out right away!”


“The towing yard was neatly parked...it was well plowed, considering the weather...and the staff was super helpful.”


“Great, fast service, even on a busy night during a horrible snow storm! They did NOT inflate their price, which they could have.”